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Human error continues to be a significant cause of cyber
security breaches.

Cyber safety is paramount in today's digital age, especially for small businesses. Despite advanced cybersecurity measures, human error remains a leading cause of security breaches. This is where small business cyber security becomes crucial. At Cyber Eclipse, we understand that employees form the frontline defence against these breaches. That's why we specialise in cybersecurity awareness training, tailored to minimise the human risk factor. Leveraging engaging, bite-sized videos and animations, we provide a unique learning experience. Each piece of content is meticulously localised for Australia, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement for Australian employees. As one of the pioneering cyber security companies in Australia, we are committed to bolstering cyber safety, with plans to expand to other jurisdictions in the near future.  To learn more about the basics of cybersecurity, click here.

All videos have been translated with subtitles for Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, French, Germany, Hindi, Japanese and Arabic. 


of cyber breaches are due to human error and poor judgement

AUD 3m

Average cost of a cyber breach

99 days

Average time between infiltration and detection

The Right Approach - Addressing the human error element of cyber risk

In today's business environment, cybersecurity cannot be compromised. A holistic cyber security approach is essential, ensuring that every facet of your cybersecurity strategy is ironclad in order to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack.  The best defense against cyber threats is a well-informed and vigilant workforce. By empowering employees with cybersecurity fundamentals — from selecting resilient passwords to recognising and avoiding suspicious links — your business will be well placed to avoid a costly cyber security breach.

However, understanding the basics of cybersecurity isn't sufficient on its own. While human error continues to be a major contributor to security breaches, thorough cyber security awareness training can significantly mitigate these risks. Our exclusive focus on cyber security awareness training ensures that your workforce is not just informed but is also trained to react appropriately to potential threats. By fostering a culture of cyber awareness, we ensure that employees become the active defenders of your organisation, ready to identify and respond to any cyber threats they might encounter.

Remember, while technology evolves and threats adapt, the human element remains constant - this is particularly important when thinking about small business cybersecurity. Investing in cyber security awareness training is not just a proactive approach but an indispensable one. After all, a team that's well-prepared and aware is the most potent weapon against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Increase knowledge retention with Micro-Learning

What does Cyber Eclipse do?

Utilises “micro-learning” leveraging some of the most recent
advancements in behavioural science;
Uses short, repetitive learning to increase knowledge retention;
Educates users in a way that is most comfortable and natural for them;
Automatically delivers short, single-message training videos which are also
available on-demand, whenever or wherever the user needs or wants.




Jashen Naidoo, IT and Systems Administrator - Ultraceuticals
Cyber Eclipse is a fantastic, intuitive, user-friendly education platform, that makes Cyber Security Awareness and Security Compliance best practices a fun and humourous experience. The in-built scheduling feature, coupled with the automated email reminders for both end users and administrators ensure our organisation maintains a very high engagement and completion rate which importantly, ensures our most important points of contact, our users, are well versed in safe practices!
Gary Smith, Chief Executive Officer - Biopak
Cyber Eclipse is simple to use and provides our busy team with the ability to be informed and safe through a very easy and manageable format while covering all our cybersecurity training needs.
Gary Parisi, IT and System Manager - Liverpool Catholic Club
I wholeheartedly recommend Cyber Eclipse to any organisation seeking a comprehensive and interactive cybersecurity training solution. Its diverse training modules, interactive approach, regular updates, and excellent customer support make it a top-notch choice for enhancing cyber awareness and promoting a culture of security.

Measurable results with market leading analytics and insights

CE not only helps to educate users but assists system administrators to pinpoint weaknesses in their human security posture through measurable results and user sentiment.

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CE Dashboard

CE Defender - Dark Web Monitoring

Every Cyber Eclipse subscriber also has access to our CE Defender Dark Web Monitoring service.  CE Defender pro-actively and continuously monitors emails within your organisation to test whether those emails have been involved in any credential breach and immediately alerts users and administrators via email if any emails have been compromised. CE Defender has you covered and protected - even if you aren't logged in to Cyber Eclipse.

CE Defender - Dark Web Monitoring

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Types of human focused cyber attacks



Phishing is a method used by malicious actors to steal information, including usernames, passwords, and credit card details, by posing as a reputable entity in online communication.



SMShing is the deceptive act of sending text messages claiming to be from trustworthy businesses with the intent of coaxing individuals into sharing private details, like passwords or credit card information.



Vishing is a practice used by malicious actors where phone calls are made or voicemails are left in order to trick people into sharing sensitive information, including bank information and credit card numbers.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a technique used by malicious actors to persuade people into revealing private or confidential information that could be exploited for illegal activities.

This list doesn’t include the multitude of other threats that are out there. The fact is that keeping up with everything that’s happening in cybersecurity and ensuring your business’ safety is a full-time occupation in and of itself - hiring full time cyber security professionals can be expensive and that’s where we come in. Cyber eclipse takes the guesswork and stress out of planning for your company's cybersecurity training requirements.  If you wish for a more in-depth look at the types of threats to cybersecurity, we equip you to deal with, click here.

Understanding Information Security Management Systems

In every organisation, data and information are invaluable assets that need robust protection against potential risks. An Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides this protection by incorporating a suite of procedures and policies geared towards securing sensitive data against threats. The core purpose of an ISMS is to ensure data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The Role of ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a global standard setting out the criteria for an ISMS. It provides a comprehensive framework for designing, maintaining, and refining an ISMS. ISO 27001 is the benchmark for safeguarding customer and stakeholder data.

How Cyber Eclipse helps you move toward ISO 27001 compliance

  • More than just a set of rules, ISO 27001 emphasizes cyber security awareness training. This approach ensures every employee, regardless of their position, becomes a protective barrier, understanding their role in preserving data security.
  • Over time, this emphasis on training and awareness ingrains a culture of data protection, making security a collective responsibility.
  • Cyber Eclipse can help your organisation move towards a ISO 27001 framework with its behaviour changing content.   Don't give threats an inch. Ensure your defenses are fortified with Cyber Eclipse, one of the leading cybersecurity solution providers with Australian based learning content.

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